Cecilia Cheung refuses photo with fan after he spots her having dinner with rumoured BF

10 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

After the divorce with Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung's love relationship had been empty and placed her attention on her two sons instead.

Last month, it was rumoured that she had secret meeting with Mainland China rich businessman, Chris Sun, and the Mainland media also took photos of Chris holding Cecilia' waist before boarding the vehicle.

As such, the rumours about them was becoming endless.

Two days ago, the netizen discovered that Cecilia was having dinner with Chris at a restaurant in Singapore, reports Asian E-News Portal

Although there was other people dinning at the same table, but Cecilia only talked to Chris most of the time and had many actions such as touching her hair and looking at his eyes.

In addition in the same place around evening, another fan noticed Cecilia was having discussion with a foreign man and wanted to take photo together but was rejected by Cecilia.

On Weibo, the netizen explained that Cecilia should be having an important discussion while the disappointed fan could only secretly took photo of Cecilia at a far distance.

Although their backs faced the camera, but it was obvious that Cecilia was having an important meeting based on her agitated expression.

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