Cecilia Cheung dating new guy who's 7 years younger

2 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

It has been two years since the notorious divorce between Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung. It was rumored that both parties attempted to reconcile, but ultimately failed when Nicholas stated the divorce was final. Cecilia has since found herself a new boyfriend, Hong Kong band C AllStar’s vocalist, Andy Leung, reports Oriental Sunday.Cecilia and Andy met in early May during a function and since the members of C AllStar were Cecilia’s devoted fans, they all took pictures with their idol. Andy requested individual shots with Cecilia and took the opportunity to introduce himself. Andy also gave Cecilia a copy of their CD and free concert tickets, while Cecilia commented that Andy was rather cute.Andy is not as handsome as Nicholas but at 27, he is considerably younger and has a fresher face. He has only been in one previous relationship and with his innocence, he successfully stole the heart of Cecilia. Despite the seven-year age gap, the two were inseparable.Cecilia even picked Andy up after one of his music events. She drove Andy back to her complex and he stayed the night ‘“ presumably to have him bond with her two children, Lucas and Quintus.Just days before her birthday in May, Cecilia attended one of C AllStar’s music performances and was in high spirits the entire time. An, insider revealed that Cecilia’s love life has been empty since her divorce with Nicholas and that she even attempted to look extra youthful for Andy.Cecilia had once stated that she will be careful in choosing a new boyfriend. “I won’t bring another guy into my personal life with my sons before our relationship is actually stable. I have to consider the feelings of my children first.‘View more photos Cecilia Chung and her ex-husband Nicholas Tse in the gallery below.

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