Cecilia Cheung’s father allegedly suffered broken leg after being beaten for unpaid debts

1 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Cecilia Cheung’s father Cheung Yan Yung was once a prominent figure in the Hong Kong triad community.

Cheung Yan Yung is once again in debt, and this time, Cecilia says she will no longer lend him a helping hand, reports Jayne Stars

When Cecilia first debuted, she had helped her father pay off his debts several times.

Last year, Cheung Yan Yung made headlines when it was known that he had conned 2 million RMB from a business in mainland China.

Cheung’s portrait was plastered all over Hong Kong’s major districts Central and Wan Chai.

At the time, Cecilia had refused to comment on the matter and instead emphasized that she would focus her efforts on caring for her two sons, Lucas and Quintus.

It turns out that Cecilia had really left her father for good. While Cecilia and her sons moved to Singapore, her father was left to live by himself in a village in Tai Wai.

On August 20, the paparazzi spotted Cheung and a friend walking to a nearby dim sum restaurant for lunch. Cheung appeared to be injured and had to rely on his friend for walking support.

An hour later, Cheung and his friend left the restaurant to return home. When his friend saw the paparazzi, he angrily said, “Do not take photos!”

Walking with an injured leg, it was rumored that Cheung was beaten up after he had failed to repay his recent debt. He also moved to Tai Wai to avoid debt collectors.

Cheung admitted that his leg was injured but told the paparazzi that he was fine. Asked if his sons and daughter had visited him, he said, “Yes.”

On why he decided to move to a village, Cheung said, “Just a change. I’m living by myself now, but I have [my friend] to take care of me.”

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