Caught on camera: Twilight star pees at airport lounge

14 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: AsiaOneShocking footage of a Twilight star urinating at an airport lounge has emerged.Bronson Pelletier, who played Jared, a member of the wolf pack in the Twilight franchise, was caught on camera relieving his bladder last December in front of stunned members of the public at the departure gate of Los Angeles International Airport.The news rocked the showbiz world as it came the same week that Pelletier was caught for allegedly possessing cocaine and methamphetamine.According to TMZ, the actor was initially removed from the plane for causing disturbance on board and for being "too intoxicated to fly".Law enforcement officers escorted him to the departure lounge to give him a chance to sober up, said Daily Mail.Soon after, they received another call saying that the actor had urinated in public.However, the Canadian actor later denied peeing in public and claimed that he had been set up, reported UK's Daily Mail.He said 'some guy' bought him drinks at the airport before boarding the plane and added that the same man - who he claimed was an obsessed fan - had him removed from the flight.TMZ reported that the lesser-known Twilight actor was taken to jail and booked for public intoxication - a misdemeanor offence. He was released shortly after.This article was originally published on the flight comparison site Skyscanner.

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