Caught bullying? T-ara's Eunjung shoves rice cake down Hwayoung's mouth

16 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Eunjung revealed that she can’t get herself to eat rice cakes in public after the bullying rumours.T-ara N4 were guests of an recent episode of ‘˜Beatles Code 2‘˜ where they opened up about their past happenings in detail for the first time. On the topic of bullying ‘˜evidence’ and the immense amount of photos and video clips that circulated the web, Eunjung discussed the video of her ‘˜force feeding’ Hwayoung rice cake. She was even given the nickname ‘˜rice-cake Eunjung’ because of the video, reports All Kpop.She explained, “That was done all for fun. When we were on a Japanese TV show, the host told us we should make it funny, and as part of the members of the losing team on the show, I was supposed to feed rice-cake to someone on the winning team. I thought about who I could give the rice-cake to for the best reaction. "Qri and Hyomin were there as well but they don’t have much of a reaction, so I thought that Hwayoung, who would probably give the best reaction, would be best. So I purposefully made my own facial expression like that and fed her the rice-cake to make it as fun as possible. I didn’t think it would become so big later.‘Jiyeon agreed as she added, “The program was designed it so it would be more entertaining.“

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