Catfight alert! Christine Au Yang hurls personal attacks at Bosco Wong's new GF

22 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Vanessa Yeung (楊崢) has been the target of gossips and criticism soon after her romance with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) was exposed. Fellow model Christine Au Yang (歐陽妙芝) recently added to the controversy when she questioned Vanessa’s character, claiming that she was indeed the cause behind Alman Wong’s (黃佩霞) broken relationship.

According to an article in Popular Asians, Vanessa became a gossip queen overnight after she and Bosco admitted to their romance in early February. The media quickly investigated her background, and discovered a history of dating wealthy men. Allegedly, many of her former partners broke up with Vanessa over her greed, suggesting that she may have dated them only for their money.

Vanessa was also tagged as a boyfriend stealer when she was rumored to be the third party that broke up model Alman Wong and her ex-boyfriend Cosmo Beaton‘s relationship. Vanessa immediately denied the allegations, and Alman also stated that the reports are completely baseless.

However, Alman’s close friend Christine Au Yang is claiming otherwise. During an interview for now TV on February 19, Christine called the rumor a fact and sounded quite resentful when she spoke about Vanessa. “I was by [Alman's] side at the time and saw the state she was in… [Vanessa is someone who] makes men abandon their wives. You can just imagine what kind of person she truly is.”

Although Alman had earlier rejected this speculation, Christine feels that she wants to support her good friend by speaking the truth. “I am supporting my sister. There are many things that the main character of the story (Alman) cannot comfortably discuss.” She also took a jab at Vanessa’s personality. When asked if Vanessa has poor relationships with her peers in the industry, Christine said, “What do you think? I can count the number of sentences we have ever spoken to each other.”

After Christine’s heated accusations, Vanessa once again denied being a third party and declined to comment further. Alman continues to stand by what she had stated, saying, “Before we broke up, my ex and I got along very well. He was loyal. Our break up was not caused by a third party.”

She also maintains a friendly relationship with her ex-boyfriend and hopes that the recent news would not cause trouble for him and his family.

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