Cars, a house and other extravagant prizes given to artistes as TVB celebrates anniversary

21 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Cars, diamonds and even a house were given out as prizes during TVB's anniversary.

Last night was the hottest anniversary scene in recent years to show the station's force.

The program from the beginning to the end had different segments gave away money and prizes like TVB stocks, European vehicles, diamond jewelry, watches, Mainland real estate, gold, half a million music video production budget and cash.

All actors had a chance to win -- Oscar Leung Lit Wai, Dickson Wong, Helen Ng Heung Lun, Raymond Lam Fung, Oil Chan Hong Kin, Super Girls' Yanny Chan Wing Yan and Dolby Kwan Ho Yeung all won prizes.

Foreign artist Kwok Wing eventually won the biggest prize: A HK$800,000 home in Huizhou, China.

Mandopop, TVB
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