Carman Lee and Rachel Lee deny rumours of rivalry

18 May 2014 / 3 years 1 month ago

It is already half way through the airing of Never Dance Alone, and although the ratings have been mediocre, the star-studded cast has drawn a lot of media attention.

While there are seven female leads, it is fairly evident that Carman Lee and Rachel Lee have more screen time. During filming, Carman and Rachel were reportedly unhappy with each other while fighting for more screen time.

Portraying friends with a deep misunderstanding that subsequently drove their friendship apart, many believed that Carman and Rachel were also rivals in real life, reports ON.CC.

Reports claimed that they barely interacted on the filming set. It was also said that Rachel was not pleased that Carman will have more scenes in the upcoming movie adaption of Never Dance Alone.

Unfazed by the rumors, Rachel responded, “No one mentioned shooting a movie version, but if there was one, I’d be interested. The amount of screen time doesn’t matter, and the role doesn’t matter either. Forcing it would be worse.”

Rachel then joked that the salary would be the most important factor. Earlier, executive producer Eric Tsang invited Carman, Rachel, and the cast of Never Dance Alone to Taiwan for a mini vacation.

Allegedly, after a bit of drinking, the two female stars got into a verbal fight. Both Carman and Rachel immediately denied this and stated that everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed their stay in Taiwan.

“These are just false rumors. We didn’t have an argument. The Taiwan trip was very enjoyable. We got drunk in the room and played wildly. We pushed each other and took off each other’s shoes,” Carman said.

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