Carina Lau stunned by what Chow Yun Fat did to her on stage

11 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago
As the film From Vegas to Macau was a big hit last year, director Wong Jing and producer Andrew Lau decided to make a sequel this year.

According to an article in Hktopten, they brought back Chow Yun Fat to lead the star-studded cast made up of Carina Lau Ka Ling, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Shawn Yue Man Lok and Kimmy Tong Fei.

Thanking Carina Lau for not retiring, Chow Yun Fat bowed to her on stage and said: "I thank her very much for never retiring. Many partners have retired for environmental protection and parenthood.

"I still rely on her to play a young actor for another decade!"

He and Nick Cheung were then subsequently pictured kneeling down on stage in an attempt to beg her to not retire anytime soon. In the photo, Carina Lau seemed taken aback by their gesture.

In the film, Carina Lau reportedly had three kissing scenes with Chow Yun Fat.

Chow joked: "The first kiss was warmly romantic, the second kiss was bitter and no more should be said about the third kiss, however they were all great."

He added: "I would kiss her whether the box office is good or not, it's very rare to have a female star who doesn't retire." 

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