Carina Lau reveals her husband Tony Leung's annoying habits

17 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

In the latest episode of Telling Maria 2, Carina Lau revealed that she is a neat freak.

According to a report in hktopten, When she was working on a film in Hengdian, she would make sure all the bathtubs and basins in all the bathrooms in the entire hotel were new because she demanded the bathrooms to be very clean.

However her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai was the opposite, which would sometimes frustrate her.

She said: "Wai Jai would go right to bed as soon as he came home.

"I would keep thinking about how much dirt he tracked in, which was very hard for me to take.

"He would not care, and leaves his shoes and socks all over the place.

"I envy how carefree he is, while I couldn't get over myself.

"We have separate bathrooms. I realize in recent years his bathroom is getting cleaner and cleaner, maybe subconsciously I have influenced him too."

She also revealed that when she and Tony Leung first got together, he often had no time to be with his girlfriend.

His personality was withdrawn and odd. Thus, she had some poor opinions of him initially.

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