Carina Lau harboured suicidal thoughts in aftermath of nude photo scandal

18 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Hong Kong actress Carina Lau had thought of committing suicide after nude photos of her, taken when she was kidnapped after reportedly rejecting a movie role, were published in the public domain.

Speaking at the opening of a home furnishing store, a HK$10 million co-investment between Lau and prominent entrepreneur Sir David Tang, her husband Tony Leung, who was her boyfriend during the ordeal, made the revelation which supported a similar claim she made on a television interview, reported HKTopTen.

In an interview on television programme Telling Maria, Carina said that thoughts of taking her own life came as she felt it was better she 'vanished' since she did not know how to handle the fallout from the scandal.

"I thought about it because since I didn't know how to handle it, I might as well vanish.

"I was young, and had experienced two ordeals. For anyone, it would have been an enormous test," she recounted.

Lau also credited her husband Tony Leung, who was her boyfriend at the time of the ordeal, for helping her pull through the dark period in her life.

"...At the time he was a great pillar by my side. I thank this incident for making me stronger.

"Through this incident, I hope to tell young people and anyone who runs into problems, there isn't much that you can't get over."

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