Career or GF? Matt Yeung chooses his job

11 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago
Matt Yeung’s (揚明) resurrected TVB acting career has ruined his marriage plans.

Taking on meatier supporting roles in the last two years left Matt little time to spend with his girlfriend Joanna.

In June, the couple finally split because Matt did not have time to get married, reports Popular Asians.

In October 2011, Matt had first announced that he planned to wed Joanna when he has a filming break. They even took wedding studio photos in Malaysia last year.

The couple had intended to register their marriage in the United States, where Joanna’s family lives, and hold a Hong Kong wedding banquet in October 2013.

Yet, Matt’s wedding promise remained unfulfilled due to his hectic filming schedule at TVB. Tired of waiting and putting her life plans on hold, Joanna decided to end the relationship.

Matt has already notified his friends and groomsmen that the wedding plans are off.

In June, Matt and Joanna had a big argument over when the wedding will actually take place.

Matt said, “She works outside the entertainment industry and doesn’t understand how things work in the industry. She thought that I was looking for an excuse to not sign the papers.”

Matt was eager to hold on to current filming opportunities after his steady slide in popularity over the last ten years.

His biggest role to-date remains 2003′s The W Files <衛斯理>, as he was relegated to minor roles after he was arrested for drunk driving in 2005.

It was only because of TVB’s exodus of artists in recent years that allowed Matt a second chance in his career, which he was determined to hold on tight.

After their split, Matt and Joanna did not stay in frequent contact. Matt appeared to lament that Joanna was not accommodating and understanding of his work demands.

He said, “I’m a bit unhappy in losing a three-year relationship, but it’s better to find out earlier that we’re incompatible rather than discover it after marriage.”
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