Cao: Former lover requested for money

24 October 2012 / 3 years 12 months ago

Source: AsiaOne; Photos: Shin Min, Zaobao

SINGAPORE - Actor Terence Cao, who is currently embroiled in a paternity scandal, has said that the Shanghainese woman who claims he is the father of her child had asked him for money.

Although he did not give in to her request, Cao stressed that if a DNA test proves that he is the father of the 19-month-old girl, he would not shy away from responsibility, he told the Shin Min Daily News.

The 26-year-old woman was in Singapore with her daughter, and met with Cao on Oct 19. But she reportedly left Singapore the next day, missing the scheduled appointment for the DNA test.The woman, known as Ms Shi, has remained uncontactable.

Cao has been evading the media spotlight in the aftermath of the scandal, refusing to give interviews.

But on Monday, he answered questions from reporters during a phone interview.

When asked if the woman had requested for money to pay for living expenses, Cao said "yes", but said that he would not be handing over any cash without proof of paternity.Cao added that from her actions, he is still not sure what Ms Shi wants from him.

According to the Chinese daily, Ms Shi had told the media that she still loves Cao, and even if he were penniless, she would still be willing to stay by his side.

To that, the Channel 8 actor said that "now is not the time to discuss such matters of the heart among adults, we should focus on the child instead".

Ms Shi had also indicated her wish for her child to be brought up in Singapore and educated here.Cao said his lawyer is still trying to contact Ms Shi in Shanghai, and he will continue to pursue the case, as "I want to know the truth, too".

He even requested for the media's help in contacting Ms Shi and to ask why she left.

"The truth will come to light one day, and I also hope to give everyone an answer. I just hope to resolve this as soon as possible," said Cao.

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