Candy Yuen receives dirty requests to provide 'special services'

9 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Former Miss Hong Kong 2009 contestant Candy Yuen has made a name for herself after stripping naked in Category III movie, The Gigolo.

Troubles has also begun to follow with her newfound fame. Candy often receives explicit sex messages and there was once she even received a close-up photo of a sexual organ. Besides this, she was also offered HK$400,000 for dinner entertainment that included paid sex service.

Candy said, “There have been people asking me for price. After The Gigolo was aired, the fee offered is even higher!”

Candy revealed that the person who offered her HK$400,000 was an owner of a China’s film agency. Candy also said that there were many ‘middleman’ who offered her a lucrative sum in return for ‘service’ which could last from a night to 6 months.

Candy said, “Those people who asked me out for dinner had stated clearly that sex would come after dinner. I won’t agree to these!”

“I am very conservative and I am afraid of contracting illnesses. Those people who can fork out such a large sum of money won’t want to take any safety precaution. I won’t use my body to take up such a big risk!”

Candy also said that she has not been in a relationship for 5 to 6 years, and hopes she will find her other half soon. However, most men that she met so far were only interested in her body.

“Those people who looked for me were only interested in my body. It’s like they are buying a relationship, and has no interest to know me better. I felt very disappointed sometimes. If they offer a sum of money just to get to know me better by asking me out for dates or dinner, I won’t mind going out with them just to make new friends. However, their objectives are very clear. They are after sex.”

See the pictures of the leaked scenes as well as more images of Candy Yuen in the gallery below. 

Candy Yuen
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