Candy Yuen makes co-star feel awkward after bending down

30 October 2014 / 1 year 12 months ago

Candy Yuen Ka Man and Andrew Lin Hoi attended their film ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB's promotion at a book store to promote the film's novel yesterday.

They both said that they were not worried about the movie box office performance.

According to Hktopten, Candy was asked if she would bend down in a sexy dress like earlier, if the film performed well at the box office.

She said, "My personality is like that, when I see something interesting I would go and touch it, like puppies, kittens, zombies."

She added that her dress that night had an 'S and M' feeling and even came with a leather whip. Candy said that all men would like it. Then, she asked Andrew in English, "Do you like it?" to which he awkwardly answered, "Yes."

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