Candy Yuen admits to stripping in front of Wong Jing during audition

23 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Former Miss Hong Kong 2009 contestant, Candy Yuen recently made headlines after her nude footage in the latest Category III movie, The Gigolo <鴨王> was leaked.

The 30-year-old actress is hoping that she can made a name for herself with this film, reports DRAMANEWSNETWORK

Candy revealed openly that during an audition with Director Wong Jing, she even stripped off her clothes, leaving with just an underwear, and bare her 34D breasts right in front of the director.

Candy’s audition was successful, in which she said that Wong Jing was very pleased with her figure. Candy also shared that she would be having 6 naked scenes in the film.

For “better visual effects”, Candy had been exercising and constantly going for sauna three weeks before the filming. She was also on an organic diet to maintain her curvaceous figure.

Candy was unhappy that her full frontal scene was leaked on the Internet. She was also worried that nobody would feel the need to pay for a ticket at the theatres.

With that, Candy urged the fans to catch the film in theatres, “Because it’s in high definition and it’s a lot clearer.”

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