Can you tell Miss Korea 2013 contestants apart? Test your skills in this game

4 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

When photos of this year's Miss Korea contestants were shared online, those who saw the photos were amazed at how remarkably similar the girls all looked.With the contestants all sporting shockingly similar makeup, hairstyles and expressions, the world was baffled as to how the contest’s judges would be able to select a winner, not to mention why the concept of beauty had seemingly been so rigidly defined, reports Rocket News 24. It was perhaps only a matter of time before someone struck upon the idea that the panel of near-identical ladies could be used for something other than judging looks.Created by Jason Liu, the puzzle game is available for download free via iTunes. Featuring row after row of the aforementioned Korean contest hopefuls, players must tap the tiles to arrange the girls into groups and make them to disappear, much like in standard puzzlers. It may sound simple, but Chinese gamers are already calling this one of the most hellishly difficult puzzle games ever made since it’s so spectacularly hard to tell the difference between the girls’ faces, especially when working against the clock.Related stories:Really? Contestants of Korean beauty pageant seem to look the same Miss Korea 2013 contestants: Before and after make-up

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