Can you tell? Japanese hottest star is of Bengali, Japanese and Russian descent

14 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Japan's latest sensation is a 24-year-old doe-eyed mixed race Rola who is of Bengali, Japanese and Russian descent.

The fashion icon is currently dominating the television airwaves with her many commercials and spots featuring products such as beer and even headache pills.

Rola's trademark of puffing her cheeks, ditzy catchphrases, infectious giggle and carefree charm have helped make Japan's most famous 'It Girl' a smash hit with legions of adoring fans, said AFP.

Her fans and followers want to be like Rola and have everything that she has -- from her looks to her fashion.

The mixed-race Rola has been living in Japan since she was nine years old, and was scouted on the streets of Tokyo by a modelling agency.

Away from the lime light, the young star enjoys going to the gym or fishing.

When asked to sum herself up in one word, the quirky star closed her eyes and then said: "A salmon, maybe", reported AFP.

"They're not just tasty, they swim hard up rivers, so they're tough little critters," she explained.

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