Can you recognise the real vs 'pirated' Samantha Ko?

6 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Ex-Miss Hong Kong, Samantha Ko (高海寧), has always been the female goddess in every man's heart, and she has a beautiful body shape which makes every man drools and woman to envy of.

However, a competitor emerged this round and rumoured to be a replica of Samantha Ko.

Her name is Cecilia, whom acted in the micro movie, 'Wo De Nu Shen Miss! 我的女神Miss' recently and she owned a 34D cup size.

It made many people started to make comparisons between both of them as Cecilia had a strong resemblance of Samantha Ko.

This became the hottest topic in town instantly.

Some netizens commented that the pirated version was much prettier than the original version but Samantha Ko's die hard fans continued to support her and retaliated that every individual had his/her perspective.

Upon scrutinising the real and fake Samantha Ko, it was discovered that only two photos resembled Samantha Ko, and could not find any resemblances from the remaining photos.

Both only had 60% resemblances in terms of face features.

As for their body measurements, they had good body figures and indeed looked like each other.

However, the pirated version of Samantha Ko, seemed to gain a upper hand due to her slimmer waist.

As such, they had 90% resemblances in terms of body figure. Some netizens added that Cecilia was only 21 years ago and had plenty of time to catch up with Samantha Ko.

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