Can you guess what Rainie Yang did to celebrate 29th birthday?

7 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) turned 29 years old on June 4. The Taiwanese actress finally joined the micro-blogging scene and opened her first Weibo account to allow greater online interaction with fans.On.CC reported that on June 4, the Taiwanese pop princess made a surprise appearance on the Sina Weibo dashboard. She posted the message, “Happy birthday to me‘¦ I’m finally here!‘ On her post, she attached a photo of herself in a makeup room, holding up a “victory‘ sign with her hands to signal that her account has been verified. She also uploaded a photo of her tiny chocolate-flavored birthday cake.The post was welcomed by over 25,000 reblogs and 24,000 comments.Celebrities with Weibo accounts from Taiwan, mainland China, and Hong Kong rushed to congratulate the birthday girl. Rainie’s good friend, Angela Chang (張韶涵), wrote, “I thought I was late in joining Weibo; never thought that you would be even later than me! Haha! Also, Happy Birthday!‘Rainie’s rumored boyfriend, Prince (王子) from the boy band JPM, also reblogged Rainie’s message to congratulate her, “Welcome. Happy Birthday to [you]!‘Rainie has already attracted over one million followers on the first day her Weibo page opened. It is very likely that she will accumulate several million more followers by the weekend.Related:Rainie, Yang says her 'whole body turned hot' when she kissed Jiro WangRumored couple Rainie Yang and Prince spotted vacationing in HawaiiRainie Yang gets bangs to cover up ugly rashes on foreheadRainie Yang dunks herself in huge bowl of water for S'pore gig despite fluRainie Yang bares her back in mini film with Show LuoView video clips from her concert here:Rainie Yang's Love Voyage concert in Singapore (Part 1) Rainie Yang's Love Voyage concert in Singapore (Part 2)Rainie Yang's Love Voyage concert in Singapore (Part 3)

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