Can you guess how old this beautiful Japanese meteorologist-model is?

10 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

A beautiful meteorologist in Japan makes her debut as a swim-suit model, but that’s not the most unusual part -- can you try and guess her age?

Yuko Nakagawa is vastly different from most swim-suit models, although she looks just as good as any other, at the age of 43. She’s also married.

Her debut DVD, called “Hoping for Good Weather Tomorrow”, shows off the 43-year-old’s youthful looks and body.

According to RocketNews24 via Naver Matome, Nakagawa never thought of entering the entertainment industry.

She graduated from Tsuda College’s English Literature department, and even has teaching credentials.

She then became a meteorologist after taking over the weather announcement on TBS’ Morning Tenki.

Nakagawa described her DVD in a conference:

“First, I talk for a bit, like a reporter. Then suddenly, I’m in a swimsuit. Later I do a belly dance… and I also appear in a yukata (a summer kimono).”

She also says that she maintains her youthful looks by showering twice: Once after she wakes up, and once before she sleeps.

She also does facial muscle stretches during her bath times.

Nakagawa limits her skin’s exposure to harsh UV rays, and includes plenty of meat in her diet.

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