Cambodian actress Sonita denies being pursued by divorced men

3 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Actress Nov Sonita has denied she's being pursued by several divorced men."I've never known any divorced man. They're talking ill about me," she told the latest edition of Angkor Thom magazine. "None of it's true."But the actress said she would be happy to marry a divorced man if he was well educated and respected her family, reports the Cambodia Herald."I don't care where they're from. The most important thing is that he loves me and my family with respect," she said."I live in a good middle-class family. I don't want anyone to feed on an exchange of love," she said. "But if he loves me, he should come and follow Khmer tradition."An industry source said the actress was being pursued by several men including a high-ranking military officer, businessmen and men from abroad.

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