Buff Malaysian model reveals he once weighed a skinny 48kg

7 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

This 28-year-old male model who hails from Malaysia looks like he could possibly live in a gym, but he reveals he was once just a skinny kid.

According to a report in The Star, actor and model Kit Mah may look like a poster child for a fitness campaign today, but he says with a grin: "I was the skinny kid in school."

Standing at 1.77m, he used to weigh only 48kg, he says.

His honed physique has been a result of hard work and consistent training.

At age 15, Mah decided he had had enough of being underweight, and would start lifting weights just to "gain a bit of weight".

He recalls buying his first pair of dumbbells at a department store, and doing push-ups and squats to facilitate the various strength-training regimes he got off the Internet.

To his surprise, change came relatively quickly, and the teenager could not be more pleased with the results.

He said:"I gained about 8kg of muscle mass in a matter of months. My friends in school noticed the change, and they were quite amazed."

The positive reactions motivated Mah to push even harder. He eventually signed up with a small gym in Petaling Jaya, where he was introduced to proper lifting methods, developed an affection for iron, and met many like-minded workout enthusiasts.

His devotion to fitness landed him his first modelling gig during his college years.

The photogenic model has since appeared in a slew of commercials, including campaigns by Digi, Watsons and McDonald's.

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