'Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha did not drag me to bathroom and hit me': Kim Jung Min

6 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Kim Jung Min cleared up the rumors that suggested Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha had once dragged her to the bathroom to scold her. allkpop reported that on the June 5th installment of MBC's 'Radio Star', the MCs didn't hold back on trying to resolve all their curiosities as they commented, "There's a rumour that Narsha took you to the bathroom and even hit you."Kim Jung Min cleared up the rumour once and for all and explained, "Narsha unni and I don't even really know each other that well. But we're always happy to see each other when we meet. Nothing like that ever happened." The MCs continued to ask, "So there wasn't anyone who ever called you out to scold you?", to which Kim Jung Min responded, "Among all of the rumours, there are many that aren't true. But there are times that similar events have happened", bringing laughs with her honesty. The actress continued, "I've been scolded before by a sunbae, but it wasn't in the bathroom, but in the dressing room. Like Kyuhyun and his strong comments, I also tried to do my best by making aggressive comments [on a show]. However, I didn't explain myself very well, that's why I got in trouble. However, the sunbae did not hit me," bringing the rumour to a close.

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