British-Chinese model Lukian Wang to pose nude in body paint

22 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Models Yuri Chan (蕊蕊) and Kibby Lau (劉俐) will be heating the summer up with their upcoming sexy pictorials, but the competition does not end there. Yuri and Kibby’s Beautiful Cooking <美女廚房> costar, Lukian Wang (王宝宝), have also joined in the bikini battle.

However, the 24-year-old British-Chinese model will not be modeling in only bikinis or lingerie – Lukian also plans to pose nude with body paint, taking it to the next level.

Adding in a new touch of flavor among the cluster of bikini pictorials, Lukian said she plans to produce and publish pictures of herself wearing nothing but body paint for her latest photo release.

“I will be 24 years old this year. Since I’m still young, I really want to leave behind beautiful images.”

Morphing her body and the background set as one, Lukian hopes to shoot a series of artistic and meaningful photos through her body art.

Lukian explained that many artists have a lot of trouble finding models who are willing to take part in such daring photo shoots.

“If a publisher isn’t willing to invest in these photos, I’ll do it myself. I have no problem with that,” said Lukian.

Johnson Lee Didn't Take Nude Photos of Lukian

Asked if she would have ex-boyfriend, Johnson Lee (李思捷), to take these nude photoshoots of her, Lukian immediately said no.

“He is not a photographer. I have a group of photographers whom I trust and have worked with for a long time.”

Lukian said it is not necessary to ask Johnson for his opinions about the pictorial.

“It’s my book, so I’ll handle everything myself. He is not releasing a book. I’ll probably talk about it with him, but I don’t think he will give me any input. He trusts me to do well.”

Did Johnson take any nude photos of Lukian? 

“No! But I did let another boyfriend of mine in the past to take nude photos of me.” Lukian said she is not afraid that these photos would leak.

“I take responsibility for them. If I were scared about them leaking, I would not have taken them the first place.”

On her thoughts of being part of the sexy pseudomodel pictorial battle this summer, Lukian stressed that she is not a psuedomodel:

“I am not that young, and I’ve been in the modeling business for over 9 years. I’ve also competed in the Miss Model of the World competition [representing Hong Kong], so in theory I cannot be considered a psuedomodel.”

Lukian distances herself from the psuedomodeling world, asserting that her pictorial is an artistic piece.

“My pictorial is different from the psuedomodel ones, and I believe that people will also not compare my book with others.”

A release date for Lukian’s pictorial is not set yet, but she does not mind competing with the pseudomodels at the upcoming Hong Kong Book Fair.

“The book fair isn’t just for pseudomodels.”

Source: Oriental Daily via Jaynestars

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