Brazilian woman leaks video of Justin Bieber allegedly asleep in her bed

8 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

A Brazilian woman posted a video of Justin Bieber allegedly sleeping in her bed after the singer was supposedly caught on camera leaving a brothel in Brazil.

Pictures of someone claimed to be Justin Bieber leaving the famous Centauros brothel in Rio de Janeiro took the Internet by storm. Now, new footage of the singer allegedly in another woman's bed has emerged, reports Asian Town.

The woman -- whose identity has been questioned -- shooting the video turns the camera to herself for less than a minute to blow the viewers a flying kiss.

Reports also have it that Bieber was thrown out of the Copacabana Palace Hotel where he was staying.

The singer allegedly then went on to rent a private mansion, where he entertained more than 30 women. According to an Inquisitr report, the newly leaked footage was probably shot in a room in this private mansion.

Bieber has been in the news for all the wrong reasons ever since he's been in Brazil. First, the "Girlfriend" singer was caught spray painting a building.

He also made headlines for storming off the stage during a concert in Sao Paulo when a water bottle thrown from the crowd knocked down the microphone he was holding. Bieber refused to finish the concert, leaving his fans waiting in their seats uselessly for a good one hour.

Source: Asian Town

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