Brazilian star earns $5m a year -- by unwrapping kids' toys on YouTube

4 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Sandy Summers, or also known as Daiane DeJesus, earns an unbelievable $5 million a year -- just by unwrapping children's products on YouTube. 

According to Brobible, DeJesus is a Brazilian woman who has quit the adult video industry, and now does videos under the Youtube account DC Toys Collector.

DeJesus, now 32, reportedly began her career in the adult industry back in 2006 when she was 20 years old, however her career apparently came to a halt back in 2009.

The DC Toy Collector Youtube channel didn’t begin uploading videos until 2012.

Former neighbours who listened to the videos of DC Toys Collector are convinced that DeJesus is the voice behind You Tube’s most successful channel.

They became aware of her career as adult film star after she was spotted taking part in a photo shoot by the swimming pool in her back garden.

They also watched some of the graphic adult-only videos and instantly recognised her. DeJesus never mentioned what she did for a living and the neighbours never asked.

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