Is Bosco's co-star ignoring him because of his breakup with Myolie?

12 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Bosco Wong may be co-stars with Nancy Wu in the new TVB drama, Mr. and Mrs. Bean, but she apparently treats Bosco like an 'enemy' because of the breakdown in his relationship with Myolie Wu.

Since their break-up last year, Bosco and Myolie have been spotted at several events together but reportedly avoided each other whenever possible and not say a word to each other.

With Nancy being one of Myolie's best friends, that is said to be the reason there is a 'clear line' between her and her current co-star, reported Jaynestars.

On Jul 31, Nancy and Bosco shot a scene together in Sai Kung but when filming ended after four hours, there was no communication between the duo.

At that point, the drama has already been in production for three months yet Nancy and Bosco acted like strangers.

The rest of the cast may be great friends with Bosco, but not Nancy, whose behavior seemed to suggest that she was dissatisfied with him in many ways.

During breaks, Nancy would rather sit alone and take a nap instead of having to talk to him.

Another incident that added weight to those claims was when an outdoor shoot was cancelled due to the weather.

Then, Bosco called over the entire cast sans Myolie to take a group photo.

After the photo, the group left together, leaving Nancy all confused and alone.

Allegedly, Nancy has been talking to Myolie constantly to help her get over the breakup. She has also introduced many men to Myolie in hope that she will forget about Bosco.

An insider reported, “Bosco knows Nancy is Myolie’s best friend, and thus they haven't spoke in case Nancy later tells Myolie about it.

It has also been reported that since Nancy Wu avoids Eliza Sam on set as well due to her close friendship with Bosco.

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