Bosco Wong's GF Vanessa Yeung alleged to be marriage wrecker

21 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Hong Kong model Vanessa Yeung has been alleged to be a marriage wrecker after rumours of her having a thing with the husband of a friend, fellow model Almen Wong.

The two women, who burst onto the modelling scene at the same time, were thrown into the centre of a frenzy after Yeung was rumoured yet again to be eying Wong's husband, reported Oriental Daily.

Yeung, who is dating Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong, went on her show to put the rumour to bed, hopefully for the last time.

"This came up 10 years ago, two to three weeks ago and then now. I've said several times that it is not true and there is nothing more I can say. This is getting boring," she said.

After finishing the show, Yeung was stopped by the media while picking up a car, belonging to Wong, and was asked if he knew about the rumours.

She said that he already knows and is not unhappy about it, before adding: "I have denied a lot of times! Bosco and I don't talk about it.

"They (other models who claim she was eyeing Wong's husband) can say whatever they want but I will deny it all because there is nothing to hide."

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