Bosco Wong's friends shocked at his relationship with supermodel

8 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

TVB Artiste Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and supermodel Vanessa Yeung (楊崢) have been dating for 3 months. Although they are still in the development stage, both have seen each other parents and probably will hear wedding bells soon.

Bosco was quite satisfied with 'Mrs Bosco' and even praised his girlfriend for bringing 'prosperity' to husband to his friends in private. Bosco's work schedule has been hectic and even he also received compliments from Chow Yun Fat, which can be perceived as his career running smoothly.

According to an article on asian-enews-portal, Bosco's friends were shocked that they announced their relationship to the public so quickly. This is as during Bosco's relationship with former girlfriend Myolie Wu, both were not lovey-dovey in the public nor did they kiss passionately outside the window.

His friends revealed that they had called Vanessa 'Mrs Bosco' and predicted they might get married anytime. Responding to this, Vanessa explained over the telephone and said "Not that fast and I leave it to the destiny."

Yesterday at around 3pm, Bosco drove a black Benz and left the apartment. Driving towards the TVB City in Tseung Kwan O, Bosco saw reporters and appeared to avoid them.

Bosco said, "I am busy with the photo shoot for the new series and talk to you guys later" before quickly driving away. Around 3 hours later, Bosco left the TVB City and said, "I am so stressed and just want to develop quietly."

Reports on Jayne Stars and other online websites have also alleged that Vanessa might be 42 years old instead of 38 years old as she was earlier thought to be. This meant that she would be nine years older than Bosco.

 However, the couple said they were not concerned about such rumours and did not need to give any explanation.

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