Bosco Wong is wary of dating goldiggers and opens up about ex-GFs

23 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Following his shocking breakup with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Bosco dated Vanessa Yeung (楊崢).

Unfortunately, due to their age gap, Bosco’s mother allegedly did not approve of Vanessa and their romance was short-lived, reports Jayne Stars.

Although Bosco said “there are plenty of men who have more ‘diamonds’ than him,” he is wary of women dating him purely for materialistic reasons, but is fortunate that he has not dated any gold-diggers in the past.

Turning 34 years old in December, Bosco stated that while it is normal to have a girlfriend at his age, he has no set time frame on when he hopes to get married.

When asked about his requirements on the perfect wife, Bosco revealed, “Of course, [my wife] has to be filial. Since I cook all the time anyway, she does not need to know how to cook. A prime example of an ideal wife is Nancy Wu’s character in The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手>.

"I believe it is every successful man’s wish to have someone help take care of the business and household. She is selfless and not afraid to sacrifice to resolve your issues. This type of wife is hard to find. I wish to have a wife like this too.”

Love is Lowest Priority

Bosco further revealed, “I will always put my family and friends first. You cannot buy friends and family with money. Right now, my career is top priority in order to provide a better life for my family.

"I will always put love and romance as the lowest priority. [My girlfriend] needs to get along with my friends. I once had a girlfriend complain that I only cared about my friends. But I knew how to compromise and made more time for her.”

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