Bosco Wong tries to win ex-GF Myolie Wu back

28 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

It has been a year since their highly publicised break-up, and reports have it that Bosco Wong may be trying to patch things back with his ex, Myolie Wu.

According to an article in Asian Pop News, at the start of the break-up, the couple was reportedly sighted acting like strangers around each other.

During a filming for a TVB promotional clip in May, Myolie treated Bosco as though he was transparent, ang ignored him completely while standing beside him.

Myolie reportedly tried to avoid Bosco by chatting up her Triumph of the Skies II co-star, Ron Ng.

But Ron told Myolie, "You shouldn't be sticking to me today."

Upon hearing Ron's words, she did not feel insulted, but seemed to be in a good mood.

When the event was finally coming to an end, Bosco finally spoke to Myolie.

Instead of ignoring him, they spoke to each other publicly for the first time after the break-up.

A source has also disclosed that Bosco has been sending text messages to Myolie intending to patch things up.

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