Bosco Wong reveals he asked another woman for date behind GF's back

30 May 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Bosco Wong, Niki Chow, Michael Miu were recording for a variety game show, Super Trio Maximus.During the show, Bosco was teased after he talked about leaving his house when he was young. Eric Tsang said cheekily, “These are not counted. Did Myolie Wu forbid you to go out and play in the past?" reports Ming Pao.Bosco felt helpless with the question and rolled his eyes to deny. Bosco also shared that he hated to be nagged all the time and had tried asking another woman for a date behind his girlfriend’s back. He also said that he was always forgetful about what he said.Niki disclosed that she had asked a man out before, but it was to spy on her boyfriend then. She said that he had found his behaviour suspicious and hoped to fish out some information about him. Niki expressed that she had not tried dating two men at the same time.Responding on cosmetic surgery, Niki said, “I have never thought on undergoing breast enhancement, but I thought about getting a nose job once. However, I am just afraid of people talking behind my back if they find that my nose is suddenly sharper.‘

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