Bosco Wong responds to rumours of him borrowing $5 million from ex-GF Myolie Wu

17 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Tabloids have claimed that Bosco Wong had owed HK$5 million to his ex-girlfriend, Myolie Wu and paid his debts off with a property.

After Bosco and Myolie separated, there has been rumours surrounding the couple, reports Asian Pop News.

Myolie was said to have ended their relationship due to Bosco's cheating behaviour.

Bosco was also later rumoured to have been trying to reconcile with Myolie but was rejected by her.

Recently, there were reports that Bosco had transferred his company under Myolie's name and this also included a HK$3 million apartment.

Myolie was then thrust into an unfavourable light as she was seen as too materialistic.

Eventually, Myolie's friend spoke up for her and clarified that it was Bosco who had borrowed the money from Myolie to buy the apartment.

While dating, Bosco was also reported to have borrowed a million dollars from Myolie after losing money in stocks.

Bosco also gifted a HK$800,000 Mercedes-Benz to Myolie, but he only forked out the downpayment and Myolie was forced to pay the remaining amount.

In all, Bosco reportedly owed Myolie HK$5 million and the transfer of ownership of the apartment only accounted for HK$3 million.

However, when attending an event recently, Bosco dismissed the report.

He said: "What money? I really don't know.Ask my mum. I don't handle such things."

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