Bosco Wong praises bikini bods of current GF and ex-GF

18 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Yesterday Bosco Wong, Fala Chen and Irene Wang attended the M.A.C Autumn Fashion Show, reports TVB News World.

Bosco was dressed femininely with eyeliner and nail polish on.

He smiled and said he's just trying to fit with the show's theme.

The organizers asked Bosco and Fala to participate in a musical, but Bosco explained they were just sitting at the dinner table listening to a male artist sing on stage.

When speaking of ex-girlfriend Myolie Wu's appearing in a bikini in Triumph in the Skies II, he accidentally blurted out Myolie frequently wears bikini.

He quickly explained himself after making that comment: "I'm saying in this type of series, bikini are frequently seen.

(Myolie's figure is very fit?) I didn't watch the series, but how can she wear the bikini if she's not fit? But, I really haven't seen the pictures!

(Your current rumored girlfriend Eliza Sam and ex-girlfriend are in the same series wearing bikinis, who has a better figure?) How many people does TVB have? They are all good, afterall there are so many artists in TVB, they all have good figures."

Bosco frankly expressed he does not feel disturbed when he sees Myolie's rumors on the newspapers. He is actually more worry on whether he has any new rumors.

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