Bosco Wong needs help in finding a GF because 'nobody loves him'

29 July 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Despite being a star thanks to his stellar performances in TVB dramas, Bosco Wong is finding love hard to come by at the moment.

In fact, the 32-year-old actor's luck in love after a highly-publicised split from Myloie Wu is so bad he even asked for 'good girls' to be introduced to him, reported Oriental Daily.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Gundam Expo in Hong Kong, the toy figurines-collecting Bosco said in response to a question about whether he has more girls than toy figures: "I collect homes more. My mother taught me to buy 'bricks' (homes). I currently own 8-9 properties, and have investments in Mainland and Southeast Asia. Simon Yam is my goal, I hope to have my own home where ever I go."

Although Bosco owns several properties, he does not see himself as a 'seun poon' (good catch).

When asked what he will do if more girls come to him in the future, Bosco joked: "Are you talking about real estate brokers? Nobody loves me. If there are any good girls, introduce me to them.

"I put all my properties in my mother's name. If you wanted to harm me then its simple, just go pursue my mother. My mother is the true 'seun poon', she's currently single."

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