Bosco Wong finds co-star Eliza Sam really cute

10 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Portraying a single father for the first time, 33-year-old Bosco Wong is currently starring in the TVB drama Coffee Cat Mama, a comedy concerning a family of baristas.

In the series Bosco’s wife, portrayed by Miki Yeung, leaves him behind, and he is left in care of their young son. “I’m pretty good with kids,” Bosco said in a recent interview.

“But I never thought about when I’ll become a father, but if I can choose, I’ll rather my first-born to be a daughter, because many fathers ‘die’ in the hands of their daughters!”

He then exclaimed with a laugh, “Take Michael Miu for example. His daughter really has a way with him!” A self-proclaimed workaholic, Bosco explained that he is currently too busy for a girlfriend.

“I barely have time for myself,” he added. To train for his role as a barista, Bosco would spend every morning in the studios brewing coffee for the cast and crew, reports Oriental Daily.

“I am the designated barista for studio 15,” he said. “Every time the studio opened, I would be there to make coffee for everyone. Coffee jargon is not that hard to memorize. Latte art is much harder.”

Bosco praised his costar Eliza Sam, who stars as his character’s love interest. “She had a much more difficult time than me in memorizing the terms, but she performed well!”

Coffee Cat Mama is Eliza’s first dramas as lead actress, reports Jaynestars.

Asked for his first impressions of Eliza, Bosco immediately said, “Before collaborating I saw her as a little sister, but after working together I realized that she’s actually really smart, hard-working, and really cute.

"Although her Chinese is not very good, she would do her homework and translate all her lines before coming to work. She has performed well!”

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