Bosco Wong estranged with mum -- who prefers Myolie Wu over Vanessa Yeung

20 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Did the romance come too fast for Bosco Wong and Vanessa Yeung?

The 33-year-old admitted that he was dating 42-year-old model, Vanessa Yeung after their kissing photo was published, reports ihktv via Asian Pop News.

After their romance came to light, the couple was high-profile about flaunting their relationship. Vanessa was spotted driving Bosco’s antique car around, and Bosco had also been busily introducing her to his friends and family.

During the lunar new year, Bosco took Vanessa home to visit his mum and relatives. However, Bosco’s mum advised him to keep his relationship low-key and felt that he should give himself more time to get to know Vanessa better.

Bosco was said to be unhappy about his mum’s words and their relationship was estranged. Bosco, who is known as a filial son often listened to his mum’s advice. In his past relationships, he would not progress further if his mum objected to it.

According to a report on Popular Asians, an insider revealed that Bosco’s mother is not particularly fond of Vanessa. Said the insider:

“[Myolie Wu] was a bit overbearing sometimes, but she is very respectful to elders and she was very good to Bosco. She helped him a lot.

"As for Tina, she is beautiful and she’s rich. Bosco’s mother really liked her, and encouraged Bosco to pursue her, but that didn’t work out.

"Vanessa is nine years older than Bosco. She attracts negative reports and even some of their relatives asked them why Bosco would choose to date someone so much older than himself. His mother didn’t know how to respond to that.”

Besides his mum, many veteran artistes also voiced out their opinions about his relationship. Lately, many of them asked Bosco out and urged him to observe Vanessa first. They said Vanessa had too many scandals and was even rumoured to be a marriage wrecker.

The last straw was when Bosco was tipped by a friend, saying that Vanessa was cheating on him, and she even dated many guys behind Bosco.

Bosco then interrogated Vanessa and the couple reportedly had a big fight because of this. After the quarrel, Bosco and Vanessa seldom keep in touch. Although they have not broken off officially, they have come to realise that their characters are incompatible.

When asked if she had fallen out with Bosco, Vanessa said, “There’s no such thing. Thank you for your concern.”

Vanessa dodged the question when asked if she and Bosco were still an item.

“I won’t respond. Thank you!”

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