Bosco Wong denies that Myolie Wu caught him cheating on her

7 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Bosco Wong and Stephy Tang attended a promotional event for Tuen Mun’s V City to celebrate the mall’s first anniversary, report Jayne Stars and Ming Pao.

Bosco was confronted with questions about his former girlfriend Myolie Wu, who was bashed by Wang Ziqi’s ex-wife Laura Lee when Myolie defended Sire Ma in her lingerie video scandal.

On her Weibo, Laura indirectly mocked Myolie and said she must be someone who is good at catching cheaters, implying that Bosco may have cheated in their relationship.

Bosco and Myolie’s breakup remains to be a mystery. A gossip magazine once reported the rumor that it was TVB actress Bella Lam who came in between Bosco and Myolie, pushing the couple to break up after a seven-year relationship.

However, at the event, Bosco said he had no comment on the matter and told reporters to not drag him into the Sire Ma cheating saga.

“I’m not saying anything. It has nothing to do with me.”

He joked that he usually gets caught cheating in dramas, but clarified that it has never happened to him in real life. He added that Laura’s message never mentioned that it was him and that his rumors with Bella were fun to laugh at.

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