Bosco Wong’s mother stops Vanessa Yeung from reconciling with him

30 May 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Although Bosco Wong’s short-lived romance with Vanessa Yeung has come to an end, it is reported that she has been sending numerous text messages to the actor in hopes of getting back together.

Opposed to the relationship all along due to Vanessa’s colorful dating past, Bosco’s mother went to Mainland China to keep an eye on Bosco, hoping to prevent the pair from getting back together.

“Vanessa is not willing to let go. She doesn’t understand why Bosco suddenly asked to break up, so she always sends text messages to him, hoping to turn things around,” a source close to the situation said.

Although Vanessa announced that she had plans to travel to Europe to write a book, she had delayed her departure in hopes of reconciling with Bosco. Currently filming in Mainland with two series on hand, Bosco’s schedule is tightly planned.

He will not be able to return to Hong Kong until August. To ensure Bosco stays away from Vanessa, Bosco’s mother flew to China and visited the filming set often. Vanessa was reportedly materialistic and dated men with financial gain in mind.

Tabloids claimed that Vanessa only became interested in Bosco after realizing he owned a restaurant and several real estate properties, reports ikhtv.

Bosco tried his best to speak up for Vanessa and pleaded for an end to the barrage of negative reports, but reporters continue to follow Bosco’s mother and ask her intruding questions about the couple.

With rising blood pressure levels, Bosco’s mother never officially acknowledged Vanessa as Bosco’s girlfriend. As Bosco is a very filial son, he ultimately broke up with Vanessa.

An insider revealed, “[Bosco's mother] doesn’t like Vanessa. Even though Bosco broke up with her already, she is still worried. When Auntie asked Bosco if ‘that thing’ is still in contact him, Bosco laughed and said he hasn’t seen her but sent text messages.

"Thinking that Vanessa will come back, Auntie is worried, and she has been visiting him [in China]. She said she was only there to visit her son, but everyone knows the truth.”

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