Book author looking for also ex-social escort who has been with over 10,000 men

2 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Australia’s Gwyneth Montenegro has slept with 10,091 men, and is finally ready for Mr. Right.

According to Elite Daily, the 36-year-old was paid $500 to $1,000 an hour to sleep with powerful men of various fields during her 12 years as an escort, spending tens of thousands on drugs, clothes and cars.

She left the industry three years ago to accomplish her dreams of flying commercial planes and practicing linguistics.

Montenegro also wrote a book published earlier this year called “10,000 Men and Counting,” and publicizing her sexual exploits earned her 80 marriage proposals.

It was the overall reaction to her book, she says, that made her realize she was ready to settle down. And she believes her previous line of work has taught her everything she needs to know about being the perfect wife.

"Clients would confide in me about the good and bad parts of their relationship. I feel I have a deeper understanding of men than ever before," she said.

Now she knows exactly what she wants and believes it can be obtained organically by expressing positive energy as online dating efforts have proven unsuccessful.

The Melbourne resident has never been in love and has only been in two relationships, both of which lasted about a year.

Montenegro was raised by two very religious parents who have been married for 33 years and strongly support her.

Her book also got the attention of a well-known producer, who may be in the process of making a movie out of her adventures.

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