Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan brings Dubai to a standstill as fans go into a frenzy

11 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

It was a telling moment during the course of the chaotic day, when a sea of fan frenzy eager for a piece of Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan's starlight stood before him at the plush Oberoi Hotel's meeting room.

Parents pushed their crying children into his embrace while over-zealous fans wrapped their arms around him, as Bachchan smiled for the cameras and maintained his air of neutrality, reports indu Suresh Rai on

In Dubai for the world premiere of his Bollywood film ‘Bhootnath Returns’, which was organised by Dream Advertising and Ministry of Events, Bachchan spoke at length about the film and his youngest new co-star, saying:

“This is a light hearted film, which cannot be called a horror, but rather a satire. It has pertinent points that serve as a comment on the nation. But the beauty is woven into the script itself.”

The film already had a private screening that saw Bachchan’s illustrious family attend, with the 71-year-old saying: “My grandchildren by my daughter have liked the film immensely. My granddaughter from Abhishek is still too young, but identifies with Bhootnath.”

Talking about working with Parth, Bachchan added: “It was challenging than fun, as he is very aggressive and mature. You can’t imagine what a surprise package he is. We had to be on our toes what he came up with next.”

With the Indian elections taking centrestage in India, the underlying political theme of ‘Bhoothnath Returns’ sees Bachchan’s character play a ghost who contests in the local elections against a corrupt official.

Speaking about the pertinent subject matter of the film and applying it to today’s landscape, the actor, who attempted his own stint in the murky water of politics in a past life, said:

“In the context of film, the story has conceptualised and woven to ape the state of nation as it is today; it raises issues that the youth go through. However, it is not structured as a documentary but a beautiful story with the social impact quite brilliant.”

He continued: “The symbolism of the film can be taken as a satirical remark of a ghost essaying the role of a politician. In politics you have heard the age of story, someone gets elected and disappears for the next five year.

"This is symbolically said as a ghost in the story. It makes an interesting observation In the landscape of elections in India, we have issues that are critical in the film and real life.”

Over decades of success and failure, when quizzed about his biggest fear, Bachchan said in his deadpan manner: “Most of us scared of not being able to live up to expectations, facing an audience, what will public, media think.

“My immediate fear is, how will people react to my film. Many are confident and I admire them. My colleagues have optimism. I don’t. These days I also ask myself, can I perform properly when I go to work.”

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