Bobby Au-yeung breaks down into tears after discharge from hospital

24 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

'TVB Lucky Star' Bobby Au-Yeung was having a Lunar New Year celebration with friends - Michael Tao, Michael Tse and Ron Ng - when he suddenly felt unwell and fell unconscious.He was rushed to the ER immediately, and was admitted into the ICU for several days due to him being in critical condition. Many good friends including Lawrence Ng, Esther Kwan, Nicholas Tse, Ron Ng, Michael Tao, Florence Kwok and Toby Leung were all very worried about him and visited him during his hospitalization. Luckily, Bobby remained strong and pulled through the crisis. Oriental Daily reported that Bobby's manager (Lydia) and his wife (Rosanna) appeared at the hospital to take Bobby home. Although Bobby was dressed in a few layers of clothing and with a beanie on his head, it was clear that he had lost a lot of weight.However, he was still well-spirited. When taking pictures, he put up the 'V' sign with his hand and had a wide smile across his face. During the interview, Bobby said that his condition was at a level of 80-90%: "It was all because they rescued me during the critical period. The doctor praised me for having good willpower."I fell unconsicious at 3am and didn't wake up until the next afternoon at 2pm. When they hooked me up to the tubes, I felt something, I was aware of what's going on, just I couldn't move".Bobby also joked that he is a lot healthier now than before being admitted to the hospital and added: "Earlier, when I was hooked up to the tubes, it was very difficult, I really don't want to try that again."When asked about his weight loss, he said: "My wife lost even more, my heart is aching". He went on to say that he was really thankful of his wife and then signaled his wife to go by his side before hugging her tight.Rosanna was immediately touched and teared up. Lydia was also emotional as she said to Bobby in tears: "I'm not that much younger than you, don't scare me like that again!"Bobby said: "Actually, my wife was really startled this time. She definitely needs to nurse her health more than I do. I promised her, I will be more cautious on drinking from here on out. Moderation to everything, I won't go too far in playing and eating. I have many friends and colleagues who care about me."When Bobby made his little speech, he started feeling emotional and teared up along with his wife and manager. Then Bobby gave his wife a kiss on the cheek, thanking her for everything she done during this period. The scene was very touching. Bobby disclosed the cause of his mishap -- he had too much of sea urchins and fatty beef the previous night, before staying out late with friends. As a result, the food just 'went down the wrong way'.When asked if it has anything to do with alcohol? He said: "I did drink, but not that much. (Give up on drinking?) I don't want to make empty promises, drinking isn't poison, I can't just drink tea during social gatherings! Unless I find a new group of friends, but I will drink in moderation in the future." As for his work schedule, Bobby expressed he'll be resting for several days before resuming work. Then he'll be heading to Foshan to wrap up th filming of TVB series Love Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate. There will be many gun battles and chasing scenes, he said: "Because I got some shots earlier, so I cannot stretch my arms too much now, can't hold a gun yet." When asked what's the first thing he wants to do after discharging from the hospital? He said: "I want to go home and see my dogs. My wife said our dogs really miss me and is always going into my room to find me."

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