Bob Lam said he had nightmare after kissing scene with Siu Bow

7 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Bob Lam had kissing scenes with Joey Meng and Siu Bow (May Chan) in the series, 'Come On, Cousin!' and expressed it was fortunate of him.

He said:

"Thank you to Joey Meng for rating our kissing scene as okay! Really thank you to her!"

When asked if he had any feelings after kissing Siu Bow, Bob said:

"I had a nightmare!"

Siu Bow retorted: "I have reduced 30 pounds in weight!"

The scene was indeed amusing. Joey Meng expressed that she did not mind having a 'sausage' mouth in the series and said: "It is not ugly and I feel it is not me. Please do not worry!"

As for Louis Cheung, he became famous instantly after revealing his muscles in the series.

He said: "People will look at my chest whenever I go out now."

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