BoA transforms into a beautiful barista

17 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Source: allkpop

In light of her recent comeback with her 8th album, 'Kiss My Lips,' singer BoA graced the cover of magazine 'The Celebrity' where she transformed into a welcoming barista.

In the released photos, BoA revealed that she is an avid coffee drinker and said, "Usually I keep a light roast coffee by my side and drink it all day. There is a cafe that I really like in Itaewon so I would go in between my schedules."

According to the report, BoA received barista lessons from professional barista Park Geun Ha for the pictorial and spent the day learning how to brew hand dripped coffee and latte art.

BoA commented, "I think it is a lot more complicated yet delicate profession than I thought it was. It's not something that you can easily learn on your own, but I had fun while learning. I want to visit again and enjoy it." 

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