BoA struggles with English for her first Hollywood role

22 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

BoA reveals that she had difficulty with the English script of her first major acting role in ‘Make Your Move’, even though she is fluent in the language.

In an interview with Daily Sports, she mentioned that reading from a script is very different from speaking English in daily life, as she had to be aware of pronunciation and emotion. She even had pronunciation classes before filming started, reports Soompi.

BoA admitted that she felt pressure to do well as Korean actors who did Hollywood movies previously were very good at English.

However, BoA felt fortunate that the movie was a dance movie, which allowed her to “express emotion through dance rather than words.”

In ‘Make Your Move’, BoA has some intense couple dances with co-star Derek Hough.

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