Blogger Dawn Yang sleeps overnight at Raffles Place for promo stunt

7 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

STOMPer Vincent was surprised to see local blogger Dawn Yang in a makeshift room at Raffles Place, part of a promotional stunt. Vincent says the sight of the pretty blogger in the room was unusual, and laments missing his chance for a photo opportunity with her. He wrote:"Dawn Yang staying overnight at Raffles Place."After our usual Thursday drinking session at One Altitude, I was surprised to see Dawn Yang (local blogger) at Raffles Place inside a 'pop-up hotel'. "I can say she is very pretty and gorgeous. It was like showcasing her staying at a hotel room. "This sight of a pretty blogger staying overnight in a 'pop-hotel room' was an unusual one. "I missed my chance to take a picture with her :)."

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