Block B's Jaehyo getting distressed from prank calls and messages

10 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Jaehyo, member of K-pop boyband Block B, has turned to Twitter to ask fans and followers to stop prank calling and messaging him after his number was leaked, according to an article on

In his tweet, heartthrob Jaehyo said, "Isn't this going too far" and added that he might be changing his number as a last resort to stop the prank calls and messages. 

The young singer said he can't use KakaoTalk or the phone, and pleaded with them to stop. 

Jaehyo said he has been getting replies on KakaoTalk on the things he wrote on Twitter. 

He said he understands his fans and followers want to try to contact him but it is getting distressing and hard for him.

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