Bindi Irwin on her dad: "It's like losing a piece of your heart"

24 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Turning 16 today on July 24, Bindi Irwin constantly wishes her dad, Steve Irwin was there to celebrate it with her.

Steve Irwin, or better known as "the crocodile hunter", died following an attack by a stingray in 2006.

According to, Bindi says people kept coming up to her with the same reassurance.

"I remember after we lost Dad, so many adults came up to me and said, 'Honey, time heals all wounds,' " Bindi tells PEOPLE.

"That is the biggest lie you will ever hear. It doesn't."

She continues, "That kind of sadness never goes away. It's like losing a piece of your heart that you never get back."

Her Instagram post today reads:

"'s official! I am 16 today, and so excited to begin the new chapter of my life. I am forever grateful for the love and support of my beautiful family. Mum - you are the strongest woman I know.

"Robert - you are so clever, you are truly the scientist of the family and always teaching me things!

"Dad - I wish you could be here today, I miss you. I love you so much.

"As I turn 16 today, there is a fire in my heart and I embrace the adventures yet to come. With the love of my family, together we will be able to undertake and accomplish anything."

Speaking in-depth for the first time about her grief, Bindi shares:

"When you lose a loved one, you come to these crossroads.

"You can take the path that leads you down the aisle of sadness, or you can say, 'I'm never going to let this person's memory die. I'm going to make sure everything they worked for continues.' "

Bindi currently carries on her father's legacy as a young animal conservationalist, and lives within the Australian Zoo in Queensland. 

Photos: Bindi Irwin's Instagram

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