Billionaire TV producer slaps motorcyclist who crashed into his Lambo taxi in Bangkok

23 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

The “Lambo Taxi” owner said he let the guy who accidently damaged his super car off the hook last week, but only after giving him a slap, of course.

Billionaire-TV show producer Maesai “Joe” Prapasawat discussed the accident, which became the most exciting intertubes topic last week, and just how tough and brave he is to have his staff members block the motorcyclist, so Joe could give him a slap on the face.

"I think it's a normal thing for men," he said. "I take responsibility for my action. I'm not scared! If he would have stabbed me, I was ready to go lie at the hospital or die. No problems. I’m brave. That’s just me!"

Joe said he was on his way to shoot an episode of his Channel 9 reality show “Hi So Life” when the motorcycle scraped his car, reports Coconuts Bangkok.

"It's like the moto driver tried to check out my car, so he approached me, left and right [until it clipped the wing mirror.] All of that was caught on camera."

Joe said the motorcycle dude then tried to escape, but his staff driving alongside him at the time helped block the way as Joe exited the Lambo and delivered the slap heard ‘round Thonglor.

Joe said he let the guy go and will pay for the Lamborghini Gallardo’s new THB50,000 wing mirror himself.

When asked about the inspiration behind the Lambo Taxi, Joe said it is to promote the television program, in which he puts rich people, some of whom have never worked in their life, in situations such as selling food at the market or working at a construction site.

"People are indifferent when they see a lamborghini or a taxi, but we combined them together, and it's become interesting,” he said. “The idea came from my show’s creative. It was quick decision because I never drive the thing anyway."

Joe said he had a “Hi So girl” in the Lambo Taxi when the accident happened. They were taking her to sell flower garlands at the Rama IX intersection, Thairath reported.

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